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Morning Carpool
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Sunday, October 15, 2017
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Morning Carpool is one lane now.

Craighead has a new morning carpool procedure.

  1. Stay in one lane.
  2. Pull up under the awning (shed) to unload.
    • Have your child ready to leave your vehicle when you pull up. If your child is not ready to leave your vehicle, this will cause a back-up in carpool.
    • Remember: Carpool is not the place for signing homework folders, teacher conferences, or combing hair.
  3. Unload your child on the passenger side.
  4. Wait in line until the car in front of you pulls off.

**Do not drop any children off on Ann Street. All children must be dropped off in carpool. Please enter the carpool area from Michigan Avenue.

**All violators will be turned over to the office of public safety and Mr. Lorenzo Williams, the school's resource officer.

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